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Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 1
Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 2
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Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 1
Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 2
Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 3
Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 4
Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 5

Outdoor Led Advertising Screen Liansen Optoelectronics Brand


Product details of the outdoor led advertising screen

Product Description

Liansen Optoelectronics outdoor led advertising screen is designed under the guidance of highly skilled designers. The excellent design of outdoor led advertising screen will bring you great convenience. With years of exporting experience, Shenzhen Liansen Optoelectronics Co. has quality assurance for outdoor led advertising screen.

Product parameters

Parameters of outdoor LED displays usually include pixel pitch, brightness, protection class (IP rating), viewing angle, refresh rate and so on. Please note that these parameters are for reference only and specific parameters may vary by manufacturer and product model.  Before purchasing, it is recommended to consult the specific product specification sheet or contact the manufacturer for accurate information.

◎  Pixel Pitch (Pixel Pitch):  3mm

The small pixel pitch of P3 outdoor LED display ensures high resolution and clarity for medium to long distance viewing.

◎  Brightness:  ≥6000 nits (nit)

High brightness ensures clear visibility in outdoor bright light environment.

◎  Protection level (IP rating):  IP65

IP65 level protection makes the display waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of harsh outdoor weather conditions.

◎  Viewing Angle: 140° (Horizontal/Vertical)

Wide viewing angle ensures that viewers can maintain high quality images in different positions.


  Refresh Rate:  ≥1920Hz

High refresh rate ensures smooth playback of video and dynamic content to avoid picture tearing.

  Gray Scale: 16-bit

High grayscale levels ensure that the display can present richer and more realistic colors, especially excelling in detailed images and videos.

  Module resolution:  According to specific design

The module resolution of P3 outdoor LED display will be according to the design needs, in order to meet the picture quality requirements of different occasions.

  Display Color:  281 Mega Color

The rich display color range ensures that the screen is able to reproduce realistic and vivid images and video content.

Product Display


Product Advantages

Choosing Lenson's P3 outdoor LED display is choosing the superior outdoor visual solution to provide the best display for your advertising, event or outdoor display needs.

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High Definition Picture Quality
The small pixel pitch P3 outdoor LED display provides excellent picture quality, showing every detail and ensuring that the content is clearly legible.
High Brightness
Brightness of 6,000 nits or more ensures clear visibility in bright outdoor environments, providing visual impact.
Strong Protection Level (IP65)
The device is equipped with IP65 level of protection, waterproof, dustproof, adaptable to a variety of complex outdoor climatic conditions, to ensure stable operation of the device.
Wide viewing angle
140 viewing angle, so that viewers can enjoy high-quality, consistent images at different angles.
High refresh rate
The refresh rate is up to 1920Hz, which ensures smooth playback of video and dynamic content, avoids screen tearing, and provides a smooth viewing experience.
High Grayscale Level
16-bit grayscale level makes the color transition smoother and presents richer details especially in low-brightness environment.
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Modular design
Modular structure makes the P3 outdoor LED display more flexible and convenient in construction and maintenance, shortening the construction time and improving work efficiency.
Rich display color
281 megacolor display color range, presenting real and vivid images and video content.
Reliable Stability
The equipment is carefully designed with excellent wind resistance and stability, adapting to a variety of outdoor environments and extending service life.
Applicable to multiple scenarios
P3 outdoor LED display is widely used in billboards, commercial plazas, stadiums and other outdoor occasions to provide a compelling visual experience.

Company Advantage

• Our company has a strong team of professional technology and R&D personnel. We also gather a skilled management team and they work hard and are willing to make breakthrough. All that brings a better future for our company.
• Liansen Optoelectronics has a large sales network with the sales range covering from many provinces and cities to regions in the country.
• Based on good business reputation, high-quality products, and professional services, Liansen Optoelectronics wins unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.
• Liansen Optoelectronics was incorporated in After years of painstaking effort, our overall strength and brand influence have been greatly improved. It promotes us to become one of the outstanding enterprises in the country.
• The place where our company is located has a good view. It also owns a convenient transportation for delivery.
Based on the professional production technology, Liansen Optoelectronics produces quality Rental led display,small pitch led display,indoor and outdoor led display in large quantity. Our products are safe and eco-friendly, in line with national quality control standard. We guarantee the quality and provide you with a worry-free buying experience.

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