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Led Panel Rental Liansen Optoelectronics 1
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Led Panel Rental Liansen Optoelectronics

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Product parameters

The P3.91 rental display is a high-resolution, high-brightness LED display product for a variety of indoor and semi-outdoor occasions. 

◎  Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm

The small pixel pitch of the P3.91 ensures high resolution, allowing viewers to see up close without pixel graininess.

◎  Brightness: 1000-1500 nits (nit)

High brightness ensures clear visibility in all ambient light conditions, allowing the display to excel in indoor and semi-outdoor environments.

◎  Refresh Rate: ≥1920Hz

High refresh rate ensures smooth playback of video and dynamic content, avoiding flickering and blurring, providing viewers with a more comfortable viewing experience.

◎  Gray Scale: 16-bit

High grayscale level ensures that the display can present richer and more realistic colors with clearer details.

◎  Module Resolution: 64x64 pixels

The module resolution determines the overall resolution of the display, and the 64x64 pixels of the P3.91 module ensures a detailed and clear picture.


  Viewing angle: 140° (horizontal/vertical)

The wide viewing angle ensures that viewers can still enjoy a high quality picture from different positions, whether they are facing the screen or viewing from the side.

  Waterproof rating: IP63

The P3.91's IP63 waterproof rating is suitable for semi-outdoor applications and protects the display from light rain and moisture.

  Display Colors: 281 Mega Colors

The rich display color range ensures that the screen can reproduce true, vivid images and video content.

  Material: Cast Aluminum

Lightweight but sturdy cast aluminum alloy makes the P3.91 rental display suitable for a variety of occasions and easy to set up and take down.

  Module Size: 250mm x 250mm

The standard 250mm x 250mm module size makes the P3.91 display flexible and easy to design and build.

Product Display

VIRTUAL_LED_Display_1500x 拷贝
VIRTUAL_LED_Display_1500x 拷贝
maxresdefault 拷贝
maxresdefault 拷贝
Floor Tile LED Display Featured Image 拷贝
Floor Tile LED Display Featured Image 拷贝
XR_LED_Wall_for_Filmmaking_1024x1024 拷贝 (2)
XR_LED_Wall_for_Filmmaking_1024x1024 拷贝 (2)

Product Advantages

With XR naked eye 3D series LED display, explore new visual dimensions and feel the unprecedented visual impact and fun.

c4ed942f-cc9c-4a8a-ad27-202226ee81aa 拷贝
Naked-eye 3D technology
No longer need to wear 3D glasses to experience a true sense of three-dimensionality, eliminating the visual fatigue problem in traditional 3D technology.
Ultra-thin design
Thin and portable exterior design adapts to various spaces, providing users with more flexible placement and installation options.
Futuristic technology
XR naked eye 3D series LED display represents the frontier of future sensory technology, and is the leader of future visual innovation.
Superior picture quality
Using advanced LED technology, XR Naked Eye 3D series displays present stunning images with vivid colors and high contrast, providing superior visual enjoyment.
Multi-purpose applications
Suitable for a variety of scenarios, including commercial displays, conference presentations, movie and television production and virtual reality experiences, providing flexible solutions for different industries.
Advanced User Interaction
Supporting touch screen technology, users can interact through touch control to enhance user participation, suitable for all kinds of interactive displays and applications.

Company Advantages

· Shenzhen Liansen Optoelectronics Co. features its special design for led panel rental.

· Continuous and systematic quality management processes are carried out for providing quality guarantee.

· A range of options is available to meet customers' needs.

Company Features

· Liansen Optoelectronics manufacturer is a particularly popular led panel rental manufacturer.

· Every stage of production process is strictly supervised to ensure quality of led panel rental.

· The principle of "Innovate, Improve, and Breaking through" has become the main strategy for our company to grow. Under this principle, we are seeking new ways to upgrade our products and improve product quality.

Application of the Product

led panel rental is one of the main products of Liansen Optoelectronics. With wide application, our product can be applied to different industries and fields. And it is deeply loved and favored by customers.

Since the establishment, Liansen Optoelectronics has always been focusing on the R&D and production of Rental led display,small pitch led display,indoor and outdoor led display. With great production capability, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to their needs.

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