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Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 2
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Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 1
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 2
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 3
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 4
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 5

Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand

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Product parameters

P1.667 full color LED display technical parameters

◎  Unit Parameters

Module Resolution: 120 points*90 points

Module size: 200mm*150mm

Box Resolution: 240 points*180 points

Box Size: 400mm*300mm*85mm

Box Type: Die-casting aluminum box

Weight: 5.5KG

Maintenance mode: Front/Rear Maintenance

Box flatness: ±0.1mm

◎  Use parameters

Working temperature, humidity: -20 - +65℃, (RH )<95%

IP (front/rear) rating and occasions: IP31 Indoor

Average service life: >100000 hours

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9 (5)

◎  Optical Parameters

White Balance Brightness Typical: 500 nits

Brightnese: Before calibration: 1000 cd/m2; After calibration: 800 cd/m2 (Brightness can be adjusted automatically)

 Refresh frequency: 2880(Hz)

Gray Scale Level: 16-bit

Display Viewing Angle :Horizontal:160°, Vertical:160°.

Scanning and driving mode: 1/30 sweep, constant current

Single-point brightness and chromaticity correction: Yes

Color temperature: 3200-9300K adjustable

Viewing distance:  ≥1.7M

Brightness uniformity: >97%

Chromaticity uniformity: <±0.003Cx, Cy

Frame rate: 60

Power Consumption: Peak 1000 W/m2 Average 300 W/m2

Working Voltage: AC110-220V (50-60hz)

Product Display

Choosing Lenson's LED indoor small-pitch displays is a guarantee of superior picture quality, advanced technology and professional service. We are committed to providing the best visual solutions for your event, so that every detail shines with unparalleled brilliance.

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Product Advantages

Our proud range of small pitch LED displays are innovative solutions designed to fulfill indoor applications with extremely high demands on image quality. Here are some of the key features of our products

Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 13
Ultimate HD
Our LED indoor small pitch displays utilize advanced small pixel pitch technology, such as P1.667, to ensure the highest level of pixel density and provide viewers with an unparalleled visual experience. Every inch of the screen is filled with subtlety and realism to bring out the best in your content.
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 14
Ultra High Brightness
High brightness is an important feature of our LED displays, ensuring that the screen is able to present a bright, clear picture in all lighting conditions. This makes our products stand out in any indoor environment, whether it is a conference room, studio or exhibition hall.
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 15
Seamless Splicing
Small Pitch LED Display adopts modular design, and through precise craftsmanship and accurate splicing technology, it realizes seamless splicing and presents an integrated picture. Viewers will experience smooth visual effects, whether they are enjoying high-definition video or reading detail-rich images.
Hotsmall Screen Pitch Liansen Optoelectronics Brand 16
Wide Viewing Angle
Our LED displays have a wide viewing angle, which ensures that the high quality of the image can be maintained in any viewing position. This makes our products ideal for large-scale conferences, presentations or performances.
31 (2)
Advanced Grayscale Technology
With advanced grayscale technology, our LED display can present more delicate color levels and rich color variations, making the image more realistic and artistic.
7 (6)
Lightweight design and easy installation
Our LED indoor small pitch display adopts lightweight design, which is easy to build and install. The modular structure makes maintenance more convenient and ensures that your screen is always in the best condition.
6 (3)
Widely used
Suitable for meeting rooms, TV stations, studios, exhibition halls and other indoor occasions. Whether it is a business meeting, an academic lecture or an artistic performance, our LED display can bring stunning visual effects to your event.

Company Advantages

· The offered Liansen Optoelectronics small screen pitch is crafted using cutting-edge production technology in compliance with the current market standards.

· It is detailed tested by our professional QC team.

· Shenzhen Liansen Optoelectronics Co.'s excellent operating performance is praised by society.

Company Features

· Shenzhen Liansen Optoelectronics Co. offers a multitude of application options to satisfy the needs of different target groups worldwide for small screen pitch.

· Shenzhen Liansen Optoelectronics Co. has won numerous top prizes in China for its scientific and technological achievements.

· We strictly follow sustainability practices. We are in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and involve all our employees in our environmental program.

Application of the Product

The small screen pitch produced by Liansen Optoelectronics has a wide range of applications.

Since the establishment, Liansen Optoelectronics has always been focusing on the R&D and production of Rental led display,small pitch led display,indoor and outdoor led display. With great production capability, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to their needs.

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