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Concert in South Korea: P3.91 Outdoor Rental Displa

Lenson brings a new visual experience to the most exciting music events!  At a famous concert in Korea, we proudly installed a high-performance P3.91 outdoor rental display, adding a touch of eye-catching light to the concert venue.

Pure excellence in picture quality:

The small pixel pitch of the P3.91 allows the screen to deliver superb resolution, with every frame filled with vivid and fine details.  Viewers are able to enjoy clear, lifelike images as if they were there, no matter where they are.

Splendid brightness shakes up the room:

As the music stumbles, the high brightness of P3.91 shines through in outdoor environments.  Over 5500 nits of brightness ensures that even on a concert night with neon lights flashing, the screen remains brilliant and eye-catching, presenting a visual feast for the audience.

Wind-resistant escort is stable and reliable:

Under the severe environment of outdoor wind and sunshine, the P3.91's sturdy design and IP65 level of protection allow the display to easily cope with all kinds of weather tests.  Even under changing weather conditions, our display can maintain stable operation and ensure the smooth running of the concert.

Seamless splicing for smooth switching:

A refresh rate of up to 1920Hz makes the P3.91 display perform more smoothly during video and dynamic content playback.  Whether it is the switching of exciting moments or brilliant stage effects, the audience can feel a smooth and shocking audio-visual feast.

P3.91 outdoor rental display is not only a screen, but also a bright star on the concert stage.

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352722548_232381809503924_5895898695037128718_n (5)
352720716_201067319095637_433800655413562717_n (4)
352720716_201067319095637_433800655413562717_n (4)
352718391_285467420492138_4596661456216904367_n (5)
352718391_285467420492138_4596661456216904367_n (5)
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